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Mi 29.08.2018 20:00h @ Essen, Anyway

Manchester punk-trio, Aerial Salad have teamed up with London label, Plasterer Records for the release of their debut album, 'Roach'.
'Roach' is a collection of 12 melodic, pop/punk rock songs, with a distinctive old-school vibe running throughout that touches on subjects such as depression, self-reflection, and modern-day struggles.

'Roach' is dark, honest and reaI. It doesn't dwell and is packed full of raw emotion. It doesn't chase the trends. It's the soundtrack to 3 kids growing up together.

Aerial Salad formed in Manchester in 2016, with the main aim to make life a little more interesting for themselves. They formed a plan, got together in a room and started to write some music. Drawing from influences such as Jawbreaker, Green Day, Weezer and Jeff Rosenstock, the trio have crafted a sound reminiscent to the boom of 90s melodic punk rock bands.

Not taking themselves too seriously, and embracing their own quirks, Aerial Salad are a band that like to have fun, but don't shy away from hard work. Having already crossed the pond for a set at FEST in Gainesville, Florida, as well as sharing the stage with Beach Slang, Pears, Wonk Unit The bouncing souls and many more, the three lads, who age from 19 to 21 have done alot, including soon to be 2 rebellion preformances. they did a huge winter tour with wonk unit covering `19 days in november all over the uk.
Speaking on their partnership with Plasterer Records, Munro said, "Working with Alex at Plasterer is incredible. Alex is a personal hero of mine. He's been a major songwriting influence on myself. He runs a label that's based solely on the music and we're honoured to be a part of it."

Aerial Salad take to the road throughout europe with the raging nathans now in support of their album
'Roach' is out now on CD and Digital Download through Plasterer Records.


'So did Roach live up to all of my expectation and hype? In a word - yes. In five words - yes, it really bloody did! I've been working on doing my top ten albums of the year list in the past couple of weeks. I've been struggling and now this has really thrown a giant sized spanner in the works. Aerial Salad are a band that are clearly going to be the talk of the UK punk rock scene soon and, after listening to Roach many times now, I have to say it will be thoroughly deserved.' -CPRW

Aerial Salad’s Roach is in the running for punk album of the year. There’s not much more you could ask for from a debut, and they’ve firmly cemented themselves as one of the UK’s best pop-punk bands here. It’s full of young fire, great songs and has the production to back it up.

I have every confidence that maturity will make Aerial Salad an even stronger band in the years ahead. As it is, Roach stands tall against many more experienced bands and is up there with Iron Chic and The Smith Street Band in terms of 2017’s quality releases. That’s a pretty mighty achievement. - shout louder

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