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: HardTicket Defiance (Portland)

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Mo 20.08.2018 19:00h @ Berlin, Cassiopeia

Defiance formed in 1993 from the ashes of three of Portland’s seminal Anarcho-punk bands, Deprived, Resist, and Unamused. The original line up was Mike (guitar), Gibby (vocals), Kelly (bass), Tony (vocals), and Niff (drums). The band quickly made a name for themselves with their uncompromising no-frills punk rock, straight forward political lyrics, and imagery that could have been lifted from UK ‘82. It wasn’t long, either, before the band’s chaotic nature, penchant for alcohol and other indulgences, and a bad habit of attracting unwanted attention from the law gained them a reputation as, well, a little unpredictable…
Defiance has weathered the changes and the chaos of the past years, having released four full-length Lps, numerous singles and Eps, and multiple tours of the USA, Europe, Mexico, Japan and Canada.

Defiance are back with a vengeance, once again hitting the road with the original lineup of Mike, Gibby, Kelly and Niff - the same lineup that recorded the classic "No Future No Hope" LP.

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