Could you plese explain me how to figure that whole GEMA thing out?

You can sell your stuff without a problem if you have a band and wrote your own music & lyrics and are not registered at the GEMA ( just make sure that all songs are your own - Cover songs are NOT allowed).Even if one of the band members is also registered at the GEMA but is NOT the writer or composer of the songs - will you be able to sell your songs without any trouble.If your band (or the composer/texter) is on the other hand registerd with the GEMA - you will have to pay Gema fees ( they are usually 15 % of the selling price - with a minimum of 12,78 Eurocent for each song). And since you are the owner of your songs you will get the money back at the end of the year. We are here to help you to deal with all that! The only thing you have to do is to use the GEMA option in the admin area. If you are part of the Gema ( or your writer or composer) then mark it there. (admin area -> customize your account -> change your account information) You will also be asked to enter the to add the composer, writer and label. In case you are using a cover song that is registerd with the GEMA you also have to enter composer/writer & label.If you have any problems trying to figure the whole GEMA thing out please don't hesitate to contact us ( wither by phone or through e-mail) - will try and help where we can. Since we worked with this subject for such a long time we can easily call ourselfs experts in that area! :)

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