Set your own price

You can decide how much you want to charge for each item that you added to your shop like your songs, CD's or t- shirts.The minimum price of each MP3 has to be 0,05 Euro and we usually recommend a price range for MP3's between 0,79 & 1,29 Euro per song. We also recommend to sell CD's & T- shirts betwen 8 & 12 Euros and the recommended price for Buttons lays between 0,59 & 0,99 Euro.
When you pick the price for your MP3 please remember following details: If you are a member of the GEMA and offer so called GEMA material - then you have to pay a certain amount to the GEMA per each download. The current rates are 10 % of your price but a minimum of 8,5 Cent
make sure that your record is cheaper then if someone was to buy each song individually from it. For example if you have 10 songs and each songs costs about 0,99 Eurocent you would usually sell all 10 for 9,90 Euros. But to make it more interesting for your customer it would be the best if you make them a deal and lower the price for the whole album to 7,99 Euros instead - about 15 to 20 % cheaper than before. But of course this is only a recommendation and we leave it up to you in the end.

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