A free and easy band - shop - system

Punk.de is a shopsystem for bands and labels. Here you have the abbility to sell your own stuff/ music on your own homepage even and without any third party sellers,memberfees,starting fees or all that other contract nonsense. You the seller will get most of the sale price ( 70 %) as soon as you lawfully sold your first item. You don't need to worry about shipping the stuff out, storing it, using a server ( for digital items), traffic, GEMA relations, customer support, payment etc etc....

YOU ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR OFFERS                                                    

Add as many items as you like to your shop! Sold just like out of your own hand. And you set the price yourself that the customers pay.

EASY & UNIQUE                                                                                                 

It just takes a few simple steps and you have your own shop in no time!  Customizing and adding it to your home or myspace page is just as simple - some easy mouseclicks and you can set your own shop design!             

ADVANCES  FOR THE CUSTOMER OR FAN                                                             

Every offered song has a 30 second preview option - no cat in the bag buying! A customer has then the abbility to pay either with credit card, bank money transfer or paypal. All he or she needs is an e-mail address. No registration necessary and items like MP3's are available for download right after the payment went through!                                                       

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