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You can add products,pictures and item descriptions. In order to do that just click "create a new product". 

Here is how:

subject line* Enter your item name here.

sale price* € (brutto, with sale taxes) This is the shown sale price including sale taxes (you receive 70 % of it)

whole sale price€ (netto, without sale taxes) This is the price for whole sellers and is  usually  50-70% of the sale price.
Please upload HERE your pictures ( use 72dpi jpg-files with 500x500 pixel) The second picture is optional. picture1*     pictur2     var  description  in * Please add here the german product description!  

description in * Please add here the english product description!  

band nameband or brand name  

attributes     Please fill this out only if you got a product with different attributes like shoe or clothing sizes. You have to seperate the attributes with ;. For example : S;M;L;XL or red;green;yellow 



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