How can I sell E-tickets and how much do I have to pay for that?

We do not charge anything for the sale of e-tickets. The buyer have to pay a 8% pre-sale fee or 13% for a hardticket!If you organize a concert all you have to do is to create the tickets in the admin area "create new tickets" of your account. Just pick the month of the event and you got it.You can decide how many you can sell and the price of each ticket! The person who ordered a ticket, will reveive a automatically generazied code and also a barcode.The ticket sales will shut down automatically a couple days before the event. The concert organizer will receive a list with all the sold codes as a automatically generized PDF file and can then cross everybody from the list who has paid and shows up with the code. If a customer gives his or her code away he or she will be refused from entering the concert area. You have the possibility to add a widget onto your personal webpage or myspace page where people have the option to directely buy the tickets from that widget without even stepping onto our site.

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