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Here are some words in german:
Interview mit Fratz Thum – 25 Jahre Hulk Räckorz

Seit mittlerweile 25 Jahren ist Hulk Räckorz ein nicht ganz unbedeutender Name in Sachen Punkrock-Label, national wie auch international. Viele tolle Bands haben darauf ihre Platten veröffentlicht, allen voran natürlich die Haus- und Hofband WIZO. Hinter dem Ganzen steht ein Mann, der das alles aus großer Leidenschaft tut und, wie er uns verraten hat, nie die Intention, geschweige denn einen blassen Schimmer davon hatte, damit einmal seinen vegetarischen Fleischersatz bezahlen zu können. Grund genug Fratz Thum einmal genauer auf den Zahn zu fühlen.
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Blättern Rückwärts  Scheisse Minelli: Sorry State of Affairs-CD  Blättern Vorwärts

Scheisse Minelli: Sorry State of Affairs-CD Click on a picture to enlarge it.

11,90 €

Lost in Translation 2:55
Looking Glass 2:40
Bad Luck 3:19
Cafe Fix 2:24
Room of Doom 2:25
In the Ghetto 2:05
Bags of Danger 3:17
The Voices (formerly self medicated) 3:32
Wasted Talent 2:51
Memory Lane 2:07
Mal Pais 2:38
Cycle of Abuse 2:43

Fourth full length Album by the infernal Bavaria/California Skatepunk collaboration featuring Enfant Terrible Samuel L - a dozen hi-octane skatecore tracks, following their full speed ahead Hardcore/Thrashpunk mission again (after a mini-LP intermezzo with acoustic songs).
The 4 skate-aholics had another line-up change during 2012, which resulted in Mickey Porter finding himself on position guitar... Mickey is a veteran of the Northern California / Oakland / Bay Area Punk- and H.C.-Scene and played in countless bands and toured countless countries.
Soon after he had joined Scheisse Minnelli started writing tons of new songs again... 12 of those can be heard here, other releases will follow soon... These here have a certain concept and subject, dealing with Ex-Californian Sam L being a crazy alien in Germany and also reporting about the (frightening) memories of his native country... "Sorry State Of Affairs" is not really a concept album, but the divide "Hessian Nightmares" / side A and "California Dreams" / side B , which is a slightly sarcastic use of the word "dream", gives a little sample what this record is all about.
The album was recorded live with the band in one little room, no headphones, no overdubs, all amps full blast.
Oldschool Thrashpunk/Skatecore in the paths of RKL, Verbal Abuse, Poison Idea ... big sound!! Produced by Archi Alert.

Singer Sam about "Sorry State...":
"Having Mikey on board just took everything to a new level. Cause Mikey and I grew up in the Cali-Punk scene starting in the 80s. Mikey earlier than me cause his older brother was bass-player for DRI ... his guitar style mixed with the tight rhythm of Dash and Dudel was all we needed for new killer songs. We all wrote together. It is truely a big mix of riffs and ideas from all four of us....listen to the three others recording it live all in one little room ... with amps and drums in the same room, no headphones, I was blown away....Fuck! They killed it!"

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