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Here are some words in german:
Outsiders Joy
15 Jahre '''Outsiders Joy''', das ist u.a. der Anlass für das neue Album “Yes we can” und es soll an Aktualität nicht zu schlagen sein, steht zumindest in der Produktinfo zur Promo-CD.

Die Themen sind in der Tat sehr aktuell. Es gibt ein Lied über unsere Bundeskanzlerin und eins über unseren Außenminister, die ja beide gerade in der Bundesregierung ihr Unwesen treiben dürfen. Irgendwie leicht oberflächlich, aber zynisch und lustig, das kommt gut. ...
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Blättern Rückwärts  JOEY CAPE: Bridge-CD  Blättern Vorwärts

JOEY CAPE: Bridge-CD Click on a picture to enlarge it.

11,90 €

Bridge is the first solo release by Joey Cape. The album was recorded throughout the years 2007-2008 in Joey's home basement. Nervous about making an acoustic solo record, Joey used the graphic created by a friend for the album cover in an effort to remain anonymous.
The album features drawings from daughter Violet Cape who also speaks on the track "Canoe" and appears in the included photo. She was 3 years old at the time.
Musicians: Joey Cape, Todd Capps, Mick Flowers, Tim Cullen, Violet Cape
"Bridge is undeniably a grower of a record. The more listens you give it, the more apparent it becomes that Cape is a brilliant musician, never talking down to his audience by recalling his career. He sings about life; the tragedies and the pitfalls, the love and the lost -- he sings poems from the heart, and it shows."
Chris Fallon in www.absolutepunk.net , October 2008
CD comes w. beautiful Diggypack and all lyrics / LP w. insert & special colored vinyl (white & sand)

1. Errands
2. We're Not In Love
3. Canoe
4. B-Side
5. Who We've Become
6. Memoirs And Landmines
7. The Ramones Are Dead
8. Non Sequitur
9. No Little Pill
10. Mission Unaccomplished
11. Gun It, No Don't
12. Home

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