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Here are some words in german:
'''blubox - so geht Rock'n'Roll!'''

Im beschaulichen Troisdorf bei Köln treibt seit Jahren ein Mann sein Unwesen, im positiven Sinne. In seinem blubox Tonstudio wurde schon so manch hitverdächtige Platte produziert. Und das ist kein Zufall! HULKzine sprach mit Guido Lucas, Produzent, blubox-Inhaber und "Indie-Papst" über sein Erfolgsrezept.

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Blättern Rückwärts  BANDA BASSOTTI: Amore E Odio - CD  Blättern Vorwärts

BANDA BASSOTTI: Amore E Odio - CD Click on a picture to enlarge it.

11,90 €

Banda Bassotti is the most important political Italian Ska-Punk band and play in their hometown Rome in front of 8.000 –10.000 people. They started in 1981 in the suburban yards of Rome by a group of comrade carpenters who supported the political movements all over the world, especially Latin America, in 1987 they decided to create the band, inspired by The Clash and The Specials, to express with their music the voices of the last of this world. So the story started.
In those years Banda Bassotti was present to the most important demonstrations in Italy and helped the squats to make the antagonist scene stronger to fight against every form of Fascism. So they decided to found a documentation centre against fascism and racism prejudice and a label, “Gridalo Forte Records” .
In 2004 they released their album “Amore e Odio” and this time a part from Spain and Italy they went for the first time on tour in Germany and many international Festivals

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