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The Meteors: Meteors In Heaven CD The Meteors: Meteors In Heaven CD
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In Heaven is the CD release of the very first album from the original Psychobilly band, The Meteors.
30 years on and The Meteors are still the undisputed Kings of Psychobilly - but this is the album that started it all, sounding just as great today as it did when first released.
A real groundbreaker and a true Psychobilly classic.

1. In Heaven
2. Shout So Loud
3. Earwigs in My Brain
4. In the Cards
5. Attack of the Zorch Men
6. Crazed
7. Get Off of My Cloud
8. Love You to Death
9. Teenagers From Outer Space
10. Maniac
11. Into the Darkness
12. Death Dance
13. Psycho For Your Love
14. Room
15. Rockabilly Psychosis


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